Camelback Ethan Allen Hartwell Sofa with Bench Cushion

Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:01 am
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If you want the best of both worlds: modern and classic design, then I think you'll find this camelback Ethan Allen Hardwell sofa with bench cushion absolutely perfect. Featuring a fundamentally traditional design with a modern take, this Etha Allen Hartwell sofa is available in two sizes, one slightly larger than the other. 

The style is basically simple I would say, however if you would like a bit more flair, then you could get it with nailhead trim, and what sofa or chair doesn't look improved with some fabulous nailhead trim?

Of course you can also choose your fabric or leather so it would be easy to customize this sofa to fit your home perfectly. And that's what I love about going these kind of furniture stores, sometimes you might have to pay a touch more than other places, however fundamentally you get much more creative freedom since you can choose your fabric, and sometimes details like nailhead trim. Also, these pieces tend to be well built, so if you want something that actually will last for more than just a few years, then one of these Ethan Allen sofas would be worth a look.

Material: wood and upholstery

Style: clean, modern, elegant

Fits Where: in the right setting

Price: $$$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: So very chic and elegant I think. I particularly like how these pieces feel very modern, at the same as they feel rather classical and timeless.

ethan allen furniture
Ethan Allen hartwell sofa  

"Classic creature comforts. That’s what comes to mind with the Hartwell collection – a group composed of a sophisticated silhouette with timeless appeal. Off-the-floor styling and a camelback design merge with contemporary details like sleek arms and optional nailhead trim. And the best part? The Hartwell comes in leather an incredible juxtaposition of eighteenth century form and twenty-first century luxury that fits together flawlessly "

Price: $1699 

ethan allen furniture

Ethan Allen hartwell bench cushion sofa 74"

"A classic sofa with a sophisticated silhouette, in a neat 74” size, the Hartwell has timeless appeal. Off-the-floor styling and a camelback design merge with contemporary details like sleek arms and, if you choose, nailhead trim. You’ll also have your choice of legs and other decorative options. Choose from Hartwell’s many options to create the sofa you’ve always imagined.You can even order it in leather."

Price: $1599 

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