Atlas GlassMaster Fiberglass Roofing Shingles at Menards

Sat May 26, 2012 9:40 am
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Great looks and durability, that's what you get with these Atlas Glassmaster fiberglass roofing shingles which are available to buy at Menards. To invest in a new roof might not sound like the most exciting thing, and it's definitely not cheap, however it's necessary to do once your old roof is starting to live on its last legs. And when it becomes time to buy a new roof, then you might as well invest in a slightly higher quality product that should last for longer and better withstand the elements.

These Atlas Glassmaster shingles are supposed to withstand the elements very well and they are also equipped with algea protection, which can be especially important if you live in an area where it rains a lot.

Of course you also have a whole world of colors and shades to choose between, so no matter whether you would prefer something like a dark black or a lighter grey, you shouldn't have too tough a time to find something suitable.

Material: fiberglass

Style: classic, practical

Fits Where: exterior roof

Price: $$$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: You can't go wrong with these Atlas roofing shingles from a visual point of view. Of course it also doesn't hurt that these shingles seem to be made very well and offer excellent protection against the elements...

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Atlas GlassMaster Shingles

"GlassMaster fiberglass shingles offer exceptional performance and value while providing long-lasting durability. The GlassMaster provides homeowners proven durability combined with an appealing traditional look. The Algae Resistant Standard feature offers shingles that will remain free of algae growth for a guaranteed period of ten years."

Price: $34.97 per bundle 

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