Allen Roth 10 x 12 ft Beige & Brown Curtain Canopy Gazebo at Lowes

Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:29 am
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To create your own little private getaway in your garden could easily be accomplished with this Allen Roth 10 x 12 ft beige and brown curtain canopy gazebo which is available to buy at Lowes (it does seem as far as I know that Lowes is the only store that does carry Allen + Roth furniture.)

Just like all the Allen Roth products, this outdoor gazebo is very well designed and features a tasteful beige and brown canopy with tied curtains on the sides. The size 10 ft x 12 ft is a nice one: not too large, but not too small, it's actually quite spacious and you could easily fit a nice dining table underneath, or of course you could leave it open.

Many people might associate gazebos with outdoor parties, and while they are great for that (you're guaranteed  a dry and shady spot for people to hang out or serve food under, no matter what the whether is like), you could also use gazebos for a casual place for your family to relax under.

This Allen Roth gazebo is built on a powder coated rust free steel frame and the canopy is supposed to be water repellent, so hopefully it should last for quite some time. It's always kind of finicky with canopies since mold and moisture always is an issue, so it's important that it's well made and that it can resist the elements. All in all, this seems like a really nice product: I love the design and I find it would be suitable for almost any setting.

Material: frame made of rust free steel

Style: rather contemporary I would say

Fits Where: in any suitable outdoor area

Price: $$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: A great looking structure ideal for lots of different uses.

allen + roth 10"L x 12"W Beige/Brown Gazebo

"Black powder-coated rust-free steel frame. Water-repellent canopy with air vent. Tools required, include 16-piece stake"

Price: $498

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