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Trace Designs Chandelier Shadow Wall Mural Stencil at Home Depot

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What a great idea for the dining room or living room! With this Trace Designs chandelier shadow wall mural stencil (available to buy at Home Depot) you can get a great effect going on the wall that will be a focal point as well as piece of conversation. If you really like the idea of having a chandelier in your home, but space allocation, roof situation or budget prevents that, then a chandelier wall mural is a really fun alternative.

Another interesting aspect of this thing is that you can of course pick the colors yourself. That way, if you would like a hot pink chandelier, or why not a gold, black or silver mural on the wall, then it's easy enough to do. These things are really easy to use, you simply tape the stencil on the wall and then paint over it, carefully of course in order to get the lines sharp and exact.

If you're careful, it's really easy to get right, and it can really bring a room together and add a fun and whimsical aspect which is easy and affordable to accomplish. Of course there are lots of other options as well, so if you would prefer a world map, tree or skyline on the wall, then that's available as well.

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Trace Designs 24 In. x 36 In. Chandelier Shadow Trace and Paint Mural

"TAPE it. TRACE it. PAINT it to match your decor. Add a touch of grace and elegance with Trace Designs Chandelier Shadow wall mural. Simply transfer the image to any wall in just 3 easy steps: Tape, Trace and Paint by Number. Use the included paint by number color legend, or choose colors to match your existing decor to customize and personalize your wall space. Each kit includes1 reusable and recyclable image panel, transfer paper and instructions. Paint is NOT included."

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