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Target Simply Shabby Chic Light Green Floral Classic Armchair & Ottoman

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For a light and romantic look, this Simply Shabby Chic light green floral classic armchair as well as Simply Shabby Chic classic ottoman over at Target would be just the perfect buy. These furniture have all the signs of the shabby chic style; they are overstuffed, light in color, floral, romantic and very comfortable. Imagine these pieces in a white room, along with vintage antique furniture in glazed white and wood. It would be just perfect. 

Then it also doesn't hurt that these Simply Shabby Chic furniture are pretty cheap! At Target you can find the chair for $330 and the ottoman for $130. Now that is a good price for such a nice set of furniture. The style is impeccable and wouldn't it be just ideal to put this set either in a corner in the living room, in a relaxing corner in the bedroom, or the nursery for instance? Target also carries a nice selection of other shabby Simply Chic furniture such as dressers, nightstands, headboards, bookcases, desks and vanities to mention a few things. All the pieces have this romantic, pretty, cute and adorable look to them, so they would be perfect if you favor this particular style. Of course if you want to create that ideal setting, then you really create a perfect image by getting all the pieces together. On the other hand, if you like to be a bit more excentric and create your own space, then why not go with this chair, and then go out looking at garage sales and other such places for appropriate furniture to match. If you go that route, then you'll really stay true to the original theme of Shabby Chic which means incorporating vintage pieces together to create a special and clean looking space. 


Simply Shabby Chic Classic Armchair - Light Green Floral

"Reminiscent of the French countryside, this classic Simply Shabby Chic Armchair makes a perfect addition to any room in your chateau. The floral linen slipcover creates a relaxed look that’s both comfortable and durable. The chair’s seat back and cushions are both removable."


Simply Shabby Chic Classic Ottoman - Light Green Floral

"Frame Material: Wood Composite. Poly-Cotton. Foam. Finish: Textured. Features: Overstuffed"

These furniture collections can be purchased at target.com


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