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SunSetter Easyshades Solar Screens from Costco

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To purchase these SunSetter Easyshades solar screens from Costco would be a good idea if you're looking to create privacy and shade. These SunSetter solar screens will block 80% of the sun, however they still let in light. At Costco you can find a range of patio shades and awnings, so it might just be a good place to look into when it comes to revitalizing your home or outdoor space. You can find window awnings, outdoor canopies, window shades and more that are made in good quality and work very well.

There are many different stores and places where you can purchase these types of outdoor awnings such as the home improvement stores Home Depot, Sears and Lowes. Costco might be a store which you might not think of at first, however they carry a wide selection of outdoor furniture, structures and shades. All of these products feature good quality and durability. So no matter what type of product you're looking for, Costco might be worth a look.


SunSetter Easyshades Solar Screens

"A high quality outdoor solar shade that looks as good as it works! The perfect solution when you want privacy, shade and breeze protection, this handsome vinyl shade works beautifully on windows, doors, porches, gazebos, pergolas or other outdoor structures. Blocks 80% of sun, wind & mist--yet still lets in soft, filtered light & air. Provides protection & privacy--yet lets you continue to enjoy your view"


SunSetter Weatherbreaker Set 1 front, 1 side wall

"Weatherbreaker Panels are sturdy, matching cream-colored vinyl screens that attach easily onto your awning. When you want to block the sun and breeze, or prevent light rain from blowing under your awning, simply attach a Weatherbreaker Panel and secure it to your deck or railing. The panels can be removed in seconds. You’ll still have plenty of light and ventilation, but the Weatherbreaker helps keep out 60% of the sun, wind and drizzle, so you don’t have to worry about napkins blowing off your table or mist from a passing shower blowing under the canopy. The awning must be fully extended to use Weatherbreaker Panels."

These furniture can be found at costco.com


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