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Style Selections Beadboard & Venetian Plaster Paintable Wallpaper at Lowes

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For added texture and style, this Style Selections beadboard paintable wallpaper or this Style Selections Venetian Plaster paintable wallpaper from Lowes would just be such a nice choice. If you love the look of traditional beadboard but you're not that interested in the work and cost involved in setting that up, then this wallpaper which imitates the look and texture of beadboard might be something to consider. You can paint over it in any color you want, so the result will most likely look very authentic, but for minimal work and cost.

Then you have the Venetian Plaster wallpaper which also is nice looking and would be a good choice if you're looking to add some texture to your walls. There is also a stucco version by this brand, so either one of those would work if you're looking for ways to enhance your space. It's really quite simple to use these products too and that's always a plus. The wallpaper is prepasted and also durable so you can wash and scrub it without any problem. Then when you have put the paper, you simply pick a suitable color and paint the wall in it. This is very good idea if you're looking to make your home more decorative and give it more character and you're tired of flat, boring walls.


Style Selections  Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper

"This wall covering is pre-pasted for convenience and easy set up. This wallpaper is textured and great for high traffic areas. This wall covering is scrubbable so it can be safely washed with soap and detergent. This wallpaper is paintable to match any décor"


Style Selections  Paintable Venetian Plaster 

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