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SafeHome Su Casa Black & White Security Steel Screen Door at Home Depot

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To install this SafeHome Su Casa black security steel screen door or this SafeHome Su Casa white security screen door (both which is available for purchase over at Home Depot) could go a long way if you feel unprotected in your home and you would like an extra barrier between you and the outside. At Home Depot you can find a couple of different security metal doors by brands such as Leslie Locke, Grisham and Endurance Steel.

Some of these SafeHome security screen doors are very decorative with scrolls and ornamental details. Others are more simple and just feature the simple metal bars in the screen door. Either one works well, so you should take a look at your overall design before you pick which one would be suitable for your home.

These SafeHome Su Casa security doors are made in welded steel and also feature an metal screen so it offers double protection. No matter which one you pick, you're sure to get an extra level of security for you and your family as well as a nice design addition which can really enhance your entrance.


SafeHome Su Casa 36 In. x 80 In. Security Screen Door in Black

"The Su Casa security screen door features tasteful scrollwork for an understated design statement. Welded steel construction provides superior strength. The expanded metal screen also deters forced entry and is constructed from galvanized steel for increased durability."


SafeHome Su Casa 36 In. x 80 In. Security Screen Door in White

"36 In. x 80 In. White powder coat finish. Welded steel construction. 3/4 In. x 3/4 In. framework. Galvanized expanded metal screen. Reversible for left or right hang. Heavy duty lockbox with 2-3/8" backset. Lockset sold separately. Mounts on existing door trim surface (1" flat surface required)"

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