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Pressure Treated Wood Decking Boards & Railing from Lowes

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To buy this pressure treated wood decking boards as well as pressure treated wood railing from Home Depot could be a good idea if you want to ensure that your deck will stay in good condition for quite a while to come. These pressure treated deck products are reasonably priced as well as classic in design, so they would definitely be a good buy, especially if you're getting tired of re-painting or staining your current deck every year or so. Lowes does actually carry a really wide array of decking and railing products in composite, wood and vinyl materials, all which are reasonably priced and good looking, however Home Depot is also another option worth checking out. You can find pressure treated deck posts, pressure treated deck rails, as well as pressure treated deck boards which are all durable. 

When you go for pressure treated wood as opposed to ordinary wood then you can be certain you get a more durable product. A deck built with these boards will last longer and won't require upkeep quite as often, so it's really something to consider if you're thinking of redoing your current deck, or maybe building a completely new one. The only downside here though is the price: pressure treated wood does cost more than regular wood, however it's also more durable so over the long haul it might be a better buy! On this particular product below the factory has actually applied a stain already, so you don't have to do that at all. All you have to do, is put the deck together (or hire someone to do just that!) and you don't have to stain it. The cedar color below is quite attractive and it's rather versatile and will add a warm and inviting appearance to a home.


Top Choice  2 x 4 x 10 Premium Hem-Fir Treated Decking

"Pressure treated for lasting protection. Each piece selected for appearance. Factory applied acrylic stain. Attractive cedar color. Accepts wide variety of finishes. Ideal for deck surfaces"


Severe Weather  2 x 4 x 8 Easy-Fit Treated Auto-Rail

"Severe Weather Products have factory injected water repellent that is equal to 8 times the effectiveness of a surface applied water repellent. Severe Weather products provide up to 2 years protection before reapplication is necessary. Handrail is made from selected #1 grade southern yellow pine. 100% wane free. Moulded for smooth finish. Reselected for knot size and placement resulting in clean plow free of obstruction for spindles and balusters. Easily painted or stained. High quality oil and latex based paints and stains are recommended "

These products are available at lowes.com

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