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Pottery Barn Teen Chelsea Vanity Desk Loft Bed

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This Pottery Barn Teen Chelsea vanity desk loft bed is oh so well made, nice looking and practical. If you're looking for ways to maximize space, while still providing space for working, storing things etc.. then this type of bed setup would be just great. No matter whether you're looking for something for your teenager or child, or if you yourself need something, you're sure to absolutely love this setup.

At Pottery Barn Teen you can find a range of really nice pieces, so no matter whether you're in the market for bedroom furniture, lounging furniture or other things, you're sure to find something there which would work for you. This Chelsea loft bed is very nice, and if you approve of this style, then you can also find Chelsea nightstands, dressers, armoires, chairs, desks and more. Most of these pieces come in antique white, however a few pieces also come in a blue or green shade which is very faded and charmingly old fashioned.

Overall, Pottery Barn Teen is a great store if you have a little extra money to spend, as a lot of the pieces are a bit pricey. However the quality is really high and the design is very good. That is really the ulitmate question here: do you go for quality over price or the other way around? Because if you truly don't mind spending a little extra then these pieces are just gorgeous. And the styling here is just impeccable, you simply couldn't go wrong! Nice white design, decorative moulding and millwork plus a set up that allows for plenty of storage, drawers, shelves etc: so plenty of space to put all those things. What's really nice about a lot of these desk loft beds is that you could truly create a very private little world here without having to use a lot of your space. So if you have a small room to furnish, however you don't want to sacrifice when it comes to durability, style or practicality, then one of these pieces would be just perfect.


Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed

"Beautifully built with four times the functionality, this unique setup lets you sleep, study, store and style your look all in one place. Crafted with a kiln-dried hardwood frame and ladder. Features a full-sized sleep space, vanity and study station. Detailed with molding, and turned wood posts and our signature Chelsea finish. Desk is equipped with a flip-down keyboard tray; a four-cubby bookcase is on the outside. Vanity features three beveled mirrors in a folding frame. Finished with antique-bronze hardware. Slat-roll foundation is designed for use without a box spring"

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