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Marvin Polygon, Octagon, Hexagon, Round Top & Special Shape Window

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If you're thinking about adding an interesting element to your home, then this Marvin polygon window, Marvin octagon window, Marvin hexagon window, Marvin round top window or other special shape windows within this collection might be something which you would find interesting.

Regular windows are certainly functional, but can be really boring and similar. If you have some extra money to work with, then you can get a much more interesting result with a special shape window that is a little out of the ordinary. With a round top window or a polygon, octagon or hexagon unit, you can give a space so much more life and character, it can definitely be a pretty neat thing to do.

Over at Marvin's you can find a whole bunch of great looking windows and doors which are very well made, energy efficient as well as nicely designed, which could also be worth checking out. It's also nice to know that there are so many special shape windows to choose between, so if you have a cool idea in mind, then I'm sure they could accommodate and work with you to ensure you get exactly the look you're going for. 


Marvin Polygon / Special Shape Windows

"Add dimension and drama to a window design by incorporating a polygon or special shape window. Choose from octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, pentoids, triangles—virtually any geometric shape. Polygons and special shape windows come standard as direct glaze units (What's this?). In-sash units (What's this?) are also available to match daylight openings in other window and door styles. Both polygon and picture windows are available with a variety of glass and divided lite options. Available in StormPlus for coastal regions IZ2, IZ3 and IZ4"


Marvin Round Top Windows

"Beautiful as single windows or included in marvelous, multi-window assemblies, Marvin Round Top windows add elegance and individuality to a home. Choose from full, half and quarter rounds, ellipticals, inverted corners, ovals, gothic shapes, eyebrows…the list goes on. Marvin offers over 1000 standard round top sizes, plus unlimited custom designs—all perfectly matched to Marvin’s full line of windows and doors"

These doors are from marvin.com

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