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Martha Stewart DuPont Corian Countertops from Home Depot

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I'm thinking about starting the process of renovating our kitchen and I absolutely love these Martha Stewart DuPont Corian countertops which are available for purchase at Home Depot. Isn't it kind of surprising that you can now find Martha's products at this store? I mean, in the past she was at Kmart, then she went to Macys, then Bernhardt's and now Home Depot - she does have her fingers dipped in everything, doesn't she! I have been a great admirer of Martha Stewart for many years now, and she does not disappoint this time around. I mean, look at those photos, that kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! At Home Depot you can find a whole bunch of different DuPont Corian countertops which Martha Stewart uses in their collections. These countertops are really nice and come in range of different colors and styles, so I'm really having a tough time settling down on one. You can for instance find solid as well as quartz surfaces in different beige, gray, brown and white shades.

Picking the right countertop for your kitchen can definitely be pretty tricky, however it's an important choice to make as it will change the look of the entire space. It's just such an important part of the kitchen, I don't want to pick the wrong shade or material! I'm trying to take our cabinets, appliances and hardware into consideration since I want a uniform, seamless look. Luckily, I think at Home Depot, you can get lots of help, so I might just check that out and see if they have any good advice for my situations. I also know they sell her hardware which I'm sure are also absolutely fabulous...


Countertops by Martha Stewart Living

"Made of DuPont Corian, these countertops bring a richness and complexity reminiscent of natural stone, come in a variety of unique colors, and were designed to complement all of Martha's cabinet finishes. DuPont Corian solid surfaces and Zodiaq quartz surfaces are available in sample sizes so you can match countertop colors to other finishes in your home. Start by exploring the color options below, then order Zodiaq and Corian samples to decide which color and surface is best for you."

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