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Lowes Stanley Champagne Gold Mirror Sliding Closet Door

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In order to add a touch of elegance in the bedroom, this Stanley champagne gold mirror sliding closet door from Lowes would definitely do the job. You can find these Stanley mirrored sliding doors in a couple of different styles, with the champagne gold frame only being one option out of several others. The gold color certainly gives the whole unit a luxurious feel which would add a nice touch to any bedroom or other room where you might need to put in a pair of sliding doors.

These Stanley sliding closet doors are actually made in steel, even though they have a gold finish. This unit features a top hung wheel roller, so it works smoothly. If you want to ensure that these doors will open up easily, then it would be a good idea to first of all to keep the tracks clean, but then also to lubricate the wheels every once in a while. Another nice feature about these doors is the safety backed mirrored that is standard on these models. That means that if you would break the glass accidentally, it wouldn't shatter all over the place which could be dangerous. At Lowes you can find a whole bunch of different models, so if this one isn't exactly what you had in mind, then you should head over there to see their wide selection.


Stanley  48" Champagne Gold Bottom-Roll Interior Mirror Sliding Door

"Champagne Gold steel framed mirror door. 2.5 mm thick safety backed mirror. Top Hung single wheel roller for smooth quiet operation. 3" Decorative fascia, low rise bottom track"

These doors are from lowes.com

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