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Insulated Magnetic Weatherproof Draft Dodger Mail Slot

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If you live in a cold climate, then you certainly don't want your mail slot to make your house loose heat - instead you need an insulated, magnetic weatherproof mail slot and the Draft Dodger model would be just the thing! Draft Dodger mail slots are very energy efficient due to its two flap system: Both flaps are weatherstripped and spring loaded for greater closing power and the slot also come with an internal brush strip. Often mail slots are very flimsy and can almost open up if the wind is strong outside. Well, if you have a slot on your front door, then this magnetic weatherproof mail slot would be a great investment.

Unfortunately, compared to standard models, this Draft Dodger unit is quite expensive: $111 is the cost at Amazon. You can find other good looking slots from $20 to $50, so it's certainly a step higher on the price ladder. But on the other hand, if you want a very durable product that won't just break on you and that actually will keep shut, then perhaps an investment is worth while. Another great aspect of this model is the privacy feature: somebody can't just lift the lid up and peep in to your home - with multiple flaps and a brush strip, your mail slot is closed from curious eyes.


CRL Satin Anodized No-Draft 3" x 11-1/2" Mail Slot

"Energy Efficient, Ideal For All Climates Large 11-1/2" (292 mm) Mail Slot to Receive Small Package Internal Brush Strip for Added Insulation and Privacy Telescopic Sleeve Allows For a Perfect Fit on All Glass Doors From 1/4" to 1/2" (6 to 12 mm) Thick Available in Two Popular Finishes, Satin Anodized and Duranodic Bronze CRL No-Draft Mail Slot is designed to keep out the weather as well as dust and dirt. The CRL No-Draft Mail Slot has two door flaps, both spring loaded and weather-stripped, as well as an internal brush strip for greater insulation and privacy."

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This insulated mail slot is available in satin as well as bronze and it features a very durable construction. Apart from protecting from the cold and the wind, this mail slot is also designed to keep dirt and debris out of your home. So is this slot worth the extra money? Well, it seems so, if you want something sturdy and lasting. After all, you don't change your mail slot every day and if it can help to reduce your energy bill, then that's a reason right there.

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