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IKEA Round Glass Dining Table

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This IKEA glass dining table (in particular this IKEA round dining table) would be a very good choice if you want to create the illusion of space, since glass is light and airy and tends to make a room feel even larger, whereas a heavy wooden table can have the opposite effect. You can find a range of IKEA round glass dining tables as well as rectangular tables which are very stylish and cool looking. These IKEA dining room tables would fit great in a variety of decors and styles, no matter whether you have a strictly contemporary or classic look in your home. IKEA is definitely the right place to go if you're on a budget, however you don't want to sacrifice style. Sometimes when you look through their collection you get truly amazed at their selection, they have so many great looking pieces that also won't break your budget!

To go for a glass table (round or rectangular) could be a nice choice, especially if you live in a rather tight space, or if you just want to surround yourself with bright, clean looking pieces. However, one should also remember, that if durability is a concern, glass might not be the very best idea. For example, if you have three young children that like to run wild in the dining room and have fun, then going with some other less fragile material would probably be a good idea. But, if you don't have children (whether they don't exist, or they have grown up beyond the age when their movement is a concern) then going for glass could indeed be a nice choice.


 SALMI Dining table

"Top of tempered glass; easy-to-clean surface. Seats 4. Handle with care! A strike, knock or scratch can cause the glass to crack suddenly. However, only into small pieces, never into sharp fragments. For increased stability, re-tighten the screws about two weeks after assembly."


GRANÅS Table and 4 chairs

"Top of tempered glass; easy-to-clean surface. Shelf located under the table top for storing newspapers, magazines, napkins, etc. Table (length 59", width 30 3/4", height 29 1/2"). Chair (width 16 1/8", depth 19 1/4", height 33 7/8", seat height 18 1/8", seat width 16 1/8", seat depth 15")."

These tables can be found at ikea.com


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