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IKEA Blackout Curtains Blinds


To purchase a set of IKEA blackout curtains or IKEA blackout blinds can be a really good idea if you prefer to sleep in a dark room. These blackout roller blinds are quite affordable and effective, and would be great if you're looking for something practical and useful for your bedroom. IKEA has plenty of good looking house furniture and pieces for the living room, dining room, hallway and bedroom as well as other parts of the house, and their textile selection is quite extensive. You can find IKEA curtain panels, IKEA roller blinds in wood, bamboo, linen etc as well as window hardware. Getting some new curtains or drapes can really make a big difference when it comes to a room and soften it up considerably. So if you're in the market for a set of blackout curtains, then IKEA is a really good place to check out.


 TUPPLUR Roller blind

"Blackout blind; special coating that does not let any light through. Wall hardware for the blind cord; for increased child safety. Continuous side control makes it easy to pull the blind up and down to the desired position. Can be cut to desired width.Total measurement including hardware is 25 1/8". Can be mounted both inside and outside the window frame and also in the ceiling. Make sure the chosen screws/fittings are suitable for use in the wall/ceiling to which the curtain rod is to be mounted."


SANELA Pair of curtains

"Heavy material that minimizes sunlight and reduces outside noise. Cotton velvet; curtain with extra luster. The curtain is easily hemmed to desired length with the enclosed iron-on hemming strip. Contains 2 panels. The measurement applies to each individual curtain length. SY iron-on hemming strip included; makes it easy to shorten the curtain to desired length without sewing. Gathering tape at the top. The curtain can be hung on curtain rods, wires or KVARTAL suspension system."

These curtains can be found at ikea.com

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