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IKEA Bjursta & Hemnes Glass Door Display & China Cabinet

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For the dining room or living room, this IKEA Bjursta glass door display cabinet or this IKEA Hemnes glass door china cabinet would certainly be a nice addition. These types of IKEA glass door cabinets are very versatile; you could really place one in any room (could be bedroom, hallway, dining room, living room etc... - anywhere where you need to store things or display things in a nicer way.) Plus, these specific Bjursta and Hemnes glass door cabinets are very handsome; they are very understated and elegant and would really fit in any setting or decor.

Both of these units come with four adjustable shelves as well as a cord outlet in the back, so you could always put electronics in one of these cabinets. What you would put in one of these furniture pieces is of course completely up to you. I imagine precious china, glassware, perhaps loved trophies, statues, books. There are so many options. What's so great about storing things behind doors is that you protect it from dust and that's always nice. So in other words, if you have some precious books for example or some other things which you don't want to keep out in the open, then storing them behind glass doors can be a nice way to display them and still keep them out of the dust and air.

In the kitchen when you have cabinets with closed doors you really forget about what you actually have. Plates, bowls and glasses tend to be forgotten when they are behind closed doors, so many people choose to store these everyday items on open shelves. This works fine if it's pieces you use all the time, so there is no time for dust to accumulate. However, even if you just wait a week to use a particular piece you might have to rewash it before using. That's why storing things in a cabinet with glass doors is such a nice idea: that way you get to see your things and they are protected also. IKEA has quite a few of these nice cabinets, so no matter what style or color you're looking for, you should be able to find something suitable.


 BJURSTA Glass-door cabinet

"4 adjustable glass shelves; adjust spacing to your storage needs. 1 smooth-running drawer with ball-bearing slides and pull-out stop. The doors have no knobs or handles, but open by applying light pressure. Tempered glass doors keep your favorites free from dust, but still in full view. Cord outlet at the back collects cords in one place"


HEMNES Glass-door cabinet

"Solid wood; gives a natural feel. 4 adjustable shelves. 1 stationary shelf for high stability. Bottom shelf is removable. Hide multiple power strips, etc underneath. Built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords; out of sight but close at hand. Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors. A glass-door cabinet displays and protects your glasses, favorite collections, etc"

These cabinets can be found at ikea.com

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