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How To Defrost the Freezer and Drain Line

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Defrosting the freezer and drain line is an important job to do frequently, if you want to keep the freezer working properly as well as sealing tight. As ice starts to build up on the interior of your freezer, you know it's time todefrost it. This usually has to be done at least once a year, in some freezers you need to do it twice a year.

So how do you defrost the freezer:

First of all, move any food to a temporary cooler or ice box. Ideally don't defrost your freezer right after you went for a big restocking trip to the grocery store!

Turn off the power to the freezer, and make sure you remove anything inside. Now comes the time to wait for the ice to melt. If you're in a hurry, or if you don't want your food to sit in the cooler for too long, then you can place a pot of hot water inside the freezer and then close the door.

While you're in the process of doing this job, it would be a good idea to also defrost the freezer drain line. When mold builds up in this line it can retain moisture which in turn will freeze and block the line.

To defrost the freezer drain line is easy: while the power is off and the freezer is defrosting, put some hot water into a turkey baster and put it into the ½ inch drain hole which you can find at the back of the freezer floor. Now simply release the hot water into the line until it runs free and easily.

Last but not least, you need to wash the interior of the freezer. Take out any removable shelves and bins and clean them thoroughly. This is most easily done in the sink with dishwashing fluid and water. Next, clean all the interior walls with an all purpose cleaner and dry well.

When this is all done, (the freezer is defrosted and cleaned and the freeze drain line is defrosted), turn the freezer back on, wait an hour or two until it's cold again and put the food back in.

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