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Home Depot Chimney Free Dakota Electric Fireplace Mantel

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If you're trying to make your electric fireplace appear like a real one, then this Chimney Free Dakota fireplace mantel from Home Depot might be something which would work well for you. You definitely get charms, looks, and old fashioned style with this white wooden Chimney Free fireplace mantel which fits perfectly with their electric fireplace insert.

To put in an electric fireplace makes a lot of sense if you really appreciate the warmth and character that a fireplace brings, but you don't really like the mess and the hassle that comes with creating wood burning fires. Another negative point of wood burning fireplaces is the fact that you don't use them very often. Because there is quite a lot of hassle associated with making fires, most people don't tend to make them very often, however if you put in a gas or an electric fireplace then all you have to do is turn it on or off and then you immediately have a warm and comforting fire that you can turn off just as easily as you turn it on. Well, in order to make this electric fireplace more charming and believable, you'll get pretty far with a pretty mantel and this Chimney Free Dakota mantel would definitely do the job!


Chimney Free Dakota Fireplace Mantel

"Our demure Dakota fireplace mantel will transport you back to a simpler time when families would congregate around their fireplace, tune into President Franklin D. Roosevelts "fireside chats and be reassured about the state of the nation. The bold lines and panels create a look of refinement, while the pristine white finish and black marble insert make a classically elegant statement. Pair this mantel with the accompanying vent-free electric fireplace insert and enjoy all the benefits of a real working fireplace with no cleaning or maintenance. Made of solid wood with real wood veneer, this striking mantel will become the focal point of any room in your home."

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