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Glacier Bay Cultured Marble & Pegasus Sandstone Vanity Side Splash at Home Depot

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If you're looking to add a side splash to your vanity, then you should check out this Glacier Bay Newport cultured marble side splash as well as this Pegasus sandstone vanity side splash, both which are available at Home Depot. These vanity side splashes can fit either on the right side or the left side of the vanity, so it shouldn't be very difficult to fit it in. 

These Glacier Bay side splashes as well as Pegasus side splashes matches their vanities which you can also find at Home Depot, however they are quite basic and versatile, so they might also fit on another model, however it would probably be best to measure carefully first. 

A side or back splash can certainly be an important addition to a bathroom, as it will protect your walls and make it easier to clean up. At Home Depot as well as other hardware and home improvement stores, you're sure to find a pretty big selection of different products, so if you're looking for something in particular, you can always check their website.


Glacier Bay Newport 22 In. Cultured Marble Side Splash in White

"This side splash pairs nicely with the 22" deep Newport cultured marble white vanity top. The side splash may be positioned either on the left or right side of the vanity top. All Newport cultured marble vanity tops offer a clean, contemporary look that will compliment any bathroom décor."


Pegasus Solid Surface 22 In. Side Splash in Sandstone 

"Fits either the left or right side of the vanity top for easy installation in any bathroom. Solid surface throughout for a truly durable side splash. Sandstone color matches the Pegasus sandstone vanity top to provide a completed look. Smooth finish creates an easy-to-clean surface"

These vanities are available at homedepot.com

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