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Garden Outdoor Arden Lighted Tuscan Square Fountain

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To purchase this outdoor Arden lighted Tuscan square fountain for your garden could definitely be a nice idea if you're looking to create atmosphere and ambiance. This garden Arden Tuscan fountain features a square design which is very becoming and suitable for most spaces. To add a decorative element to your garden, patio or porch can really do a lot, and luckily there is a lot to choose between. This outdoor Arden fountains are durable, weatherproof and very good looking. Four spouts help to create a dramatic water show and the lighted details really come together in this fine pieces which is also quite affordable. 

Home improvement stores such as Lowes, Sears and Home Depot are definitely worth while checking out if you're looking for some affordable and good looking outdoor furniture, decor or garden products. However sometimes Amazon is worth looking into since they can carry products which are otherwise difficult to find. 


Arden Lighted Tuscan Square Fountain

"Add the gurgle, trickle and glimmer of moving water to the patio, courtyard or landscape with this 2-basin water fountain from Arden. The fountain features an upper basin with a bubbling spray rising from its center. Four spouts pour streams of water from each of the basin’s four walls. The upper basin rests on a striking pedestal with upward-tapering block pieces that support the wider upper basin. All rests on a large cubical base with flat panel decorative sides that make a striking backdrop for the streams of water that fill the large floor basin in which the pedestal sits. All work together to create a tranquil ambience in any outdoor venue. Handcrafted from durable resin and crushed stone, the fountain features an aged, pale colored tone finish that works with any décor or landscape stone. The fountain is powered by a 120-volt UL-listed pump and includes a 6-foot cord that plugs into standard household outlets. Easy to assemble, the fountain sets up in minuets to add striking visual interest to that garden, deck, or patio. "

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