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Foster Mantels Large Porch Column from Home Depot

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To purchase this Foster Mantels large porch column from Home Depot could definitely be a good idea if you're looking to fix up your facade and add an interesting and decorative element.  At Home Depot you can find a lot of nice house improvement products in a wide array of materials, so no matter what type of product you have in mind, it shouldn't be too difficult to find something suitable. These Foster Mantels unfinished columns can be found in various styles, so you do have quite a bit to choose between. You can for instance find Foster Mantels vines columns, Foster Mantels leaves columns as well as other designs. 

You might also want to check out Lowes, Sears and Costco if you're looking for the perfect product for your needs. All of these home improvement stores carry a range of window, door and house improvement products among other options. These nice Foster Mantels columns are available in a range of different colors and styles, and you can always paint these or stain them to fit your decorative preferences. It can definitely make a big difference to put some new porch columns in; so it might be a good investment to make. So if you're in the market for some products for your home or garden, then you might want to pay Home Depot a visit, since their selection is wide and their prices are affordable.


Foster Mantels Unfinished Extra Large Grand Acanthus Column

"Seen in classic design for over 2000 years, this column of acanthus leaves and fluting is a symbol of strength and beauty. It is hand-carved of solid Aspen Whitewood. Use for stair parts, or as legs under countertops and consoles. May be painted or stained. Extra-large column size measures 40-3/4 In. tall by 5-7/8 In. width and 4 In. depth"


Foster Mantels Large Unfinished Vines Column

"Delicate tendrils climb the length of this column hand-carved of solid Red Oak. Use for stair parts, as legs under countertops and consoles. Ready for stain and finish coat. Large column size measures 36 In. tall by 4-1/2 In. width and depth. (The product in the image is unfinished and ready for your stain and lacquer.)"

These products are available at homedepot.com

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