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Faux Book Accent & Side Table at JC Penney

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This faux book accent table as well as this faux book side table from JC Penney would definitely be worth checking out if you want to add some nice charm to your living room or dining room. These tables don't look like tables: instead they give the impression of books being stacked on top of each other. The one table looks like the books are stacked straight and the other table looks like the books are stacked a bit haphazardly for a fun impression.

No matter whether you personally like books or not, this type of table would definitely provide a sense of warmth and old world charm which could really add to a space and give it a different feel. The books actually function as drawers in the accent table which is pretty neat, and on the book side table there are hidden drawers which slide out of the spine of the books.

No matter which one you pick, these faux book tables are really quite interesting and would provide a great topic of conversation at any party or get together.


4-Drawer Accent Table

"A functional 4-drawer book accent table looks smart in any room. Constructed of solid wood and wood composites. "


Book Table

"Whether you're a true bibliophile or just have a flair for whimsical accents, our book table is certainly a piece for your collection. clever stacked book design is sure to be a point of conversation among you and your guests. hidden drawer sliding out of spine of the top book allows you to store coasters, remote controls or real reading material. hand-painted, with attention paid to every detail"

These livingroom furniture are from jcpenney.com

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