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Englander Black Wood Burning Stove & Fireplace Insert at Home Depot

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This nice looking Englander black wood burning stove as well as this practical Englander wood burning fireplace insert which can be found at Home Depot among other stores would definitely be a good option if you prefer the crackling sound of wood burning over gas or electric heat. Is there anything cozier than sitting inside when it's cold and windy inside and feeling the warmth of a fire and listening to the crackling sound? Probably not! These Englander fireplace stoves are very effective and efficient, so they would be really neat if you're looking for ways to raise the ambiance in your home and bring in the warmth and comfort that a fire brings. To go for a stove like this would be a much better idea than simply using a regular fireplace, since then most of the heat escapes and you end up with nice atmosphere and nice sound, but with very little heat remaining.

Over at Home Depot you can find a couple of different fireplaces and stoves, so no matter whether you would prefer a pellet burning, multi fuels burning or wood burning stove, chances are you will find something that works for you. When it comes to design, you really can't go wrong with these satin black fireplace stoves; one of these would fit great in almost any decor. It's such a classic look: it works in a traditional space as well as a very modern area, so it really is a very versatile look. You can also find these in different sizes, so you should pick a model depending how large the area is that you want to heat up. For instance, if you have a very small cabin which you're looking to heat up with wood, then you only need a very small stove, since one of the smaller units will get you pretty far, however if you're looking to heat up a whole house, then you definitely need something larger.

Either way you should be able to find something suitable within this collection at Home Depot where they have many nice products and the prices are pretty reasonable too.


Englander 2,200 Sq. Ft. Satin Black Wood Burning Stove

"The big brother of our other E.P.A. Certified wood stove, this model is not only E.P.A. Certified, it burns a super-clean 1.63 grams of emissions, making it the cleanest-burning large firebox on the market! Boasting a potential of 75,000-plus BTUs, its hefty 3.5 cu. ft. firebox can take logs up to 20 In. long, and it can heat up to 2,200 sq. ft. of living area. It has a rear heat shield and a large ash pan; side heat shields may be added for even closer clearance to combustibles. Lip and ash apron trim (pictured) are included (an exclusive for The Home Depot!), and you can add door trim (also pictured) or even gold-plated door or legs later, if you wish. NOW ships with legs and pedestal included! Its like having two stoves in one! Mobile Home approved when used with pedestal."


Englander 1,500 Sq. Ft. Satin Black Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

"If youre looking for a fireplace insert for your home, this model is an excellent choice for heating an area of up to 1,500 sq. ft. A member of our new-generation, non-catalytic family of wood stoves, it is very efficient, able to produce up to 60,000 BTUs from a 1.8 cu. ft. firebox that can hold logs up to 20 in. long. It is also very clean: only 2.6 grams of emissions, definitely E.P.A. Certified. Couple that with an extra-large door glass with air wash, and this stove becomes a perfect fit for any moderately-sized home. This is a compact, Flush-mount type of design that needs only 8 in. of hearth to rest on, so it fits nearly any masonry fireplace. Fireplace cover (30 in. high x 42 in. wide) is included. Cover plate trim and lip and window trim are options and may be purchased later. Please Note: For masonry fireplace installation only."

These fireplaces are from homedepot.com

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