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Decorative EverTrue Ceiling Crown Moulding from Lowes

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A decorative EverTrue ceiling crown moulding from Lowes would be a great choice if you're thinking about remodeling your home and adding some of those finishing touches. At Lowes, you can find a range of EverTrue crown moulding pieces in various styles - some are very ornate and decorative whereas others are a bit more simple and sleek. Either way, a decorative crown moulding can really change the look of a room.

Crown moulding is not something that is very obvious when you first walk into a room, but once you get familiarized with the setting you will notice that the moulding will really bring the space more together and create a flow which will make the room feel more complete. These EverTrue ceiling crown mouldings are quite affordable and would be a nice addition to any home.

At Lowes, you can choose between EverTrue Whitewood crown moulding, EverTrue Egg and Dart Crown Moulding as well as EverTrue Primed Mixed Crown Moulding. All of these products are sold in 8 feet sets, so it really wouldn't cost too much to get a room done. So if you're thinking about improving your space and giving it more character, then ceiling moulding would definitely be the way to go.


 EverTrue 8' Whitewood Crown Moulding

"Dentil/bead cornice. White hardwood. Paint grade or stain. Use inside, middle and outside cornice connectors for easy miterless installation and to add architectural detail"

Price: $35.98


EverTrue 8' Primed Mixed Crown Moulding

"Dentil cornice. Primed decorative gesso coat. Paint grade. Barbour house moulding collection"

Price: $19.68

These products can be found at lowes.com

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