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Coolwall Exterior Coating System from Costco

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When it comes to looking for durable exterior coating, then Costco might be worth a lot. At Costco you can find Coolwall exterior coating system which would be great if you want to save energy and get a nice facade. This paint is up to 10 times thicker than regular paint and it features a great resistance to fading and peeling. This product uses the same heat reflective technology as the Stealth bomber which allows you to save up to 21.9% on cooling costs, which could really help out if you live in a warm climate.

The Coolwall exterior coating paint is available in 570 heat reflective colors, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something appropriate for your house. On top of all this, you can can feel good about using this product since it is environmentally friendly and non toxic. So Costco might definitely be worth a look if you're interested in this different and unique product for your home!


COOLWALL Exterior Coating Systems

"Thinking of painting? Consider COOLWALL, the smarter alternative to paint. Why give your house a new coat of paint or layer of stucco when there is a smarter option? Eliminate constant repainting with the revolutionary COOLWALL Exterior Coating System. You can choose the environmentally responsible option to increase the curb appeal of your home while benefiting from lower utility bills and reducing maintenance."

can be found at costco.com

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