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Cheap World Market Murphy Sleeper Sofa Bed

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You get practicality, comfort and style with this cheap World Market Murphy sleeper sofa bed which is both comfortable to sit in, and also converts into a bed for overnight guests. If you don't have much space to work with (like if you don't have a separate guest room to put guests in), then it makes a lot of sense to simply get a sofa bed which you can convert into a bed when needed.

This gray Murphy sofa bed from World Market features a really nice design as well as a low price of $500 (you try finding other sleeper sofas for that price, it's pretty tough to do!). Another great thing about this World Market sleeper sofa is the fact that it comes with additional storage underneath where you can place comforters, sheets and other things. When you don't have much space to work with, then every storage pad matters! The style of this sofa is very basic and comfortable so it would work well in most spaces, so all in all, this seems like a pretty great piece of furniture to buy.


Murphy Sleeper Sofa, Heather Gray

"If you ever have overnight guests (and who doesn't?) our Murphy Sleeper Sofa is a must have. By day it's a great looking, easy clean sofa with appealing modern style. By night it's a super comfy crash pad. There's even handy storage underneath for bedding, books and more! Effortless transformation makes it simple to move from sofa to bed and back again. Easy-going pricing makes it the style steal of the season. Decor-friendly neutral upholstery. A snap to transform from sofa to bed"

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