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Cedar Summit Rocky Mountain Play System & Set at Costco

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To set up a Cedar Summit Rocky Mountain play system or set in your garden could be so much fun, and Costco has a couple of different options to choose between. Within their selection you can find very large setups and some smaller, and sometimes you can even build your own and pick parts which work with your space. This particular Cedar Summit play set features a slide, swings, a picnic table and more, so it would definitely entertain any children for quite a while. At Costco, you can find a range of outdoor buildings and play sets that are well made and safe. Plus, this Costco kids play system is made in premium wood which adds to its safety features.

If you have children that would like their own play area, then you really can't go wrong with this Rocky Mountain play system since it really does have everything, and it's safe and fun. Can you imagine having one of these setups in your very own yard? Your home would become the hotspot for all the kids in the neighborhood since everybody would want to come over and play. And even if you're not looking for having all the kids over, you might be concerned about providing a safe and fun space for your children to play, and having one of these sets in your backyard would be perfect for that reason!

Home improvement stores such as Lowes, Sears and Home Depot are definitely worth while checking out if you're looking for some affordable and good looking outdoor structures. These stores generally have friendly sales staff and quite a wide selection of different products. However Costco is also a good place to look into since they carry a range of nice and reasonably priced products. Do however make sure to pick something up from Costco if you see something you like, since you can never really trust they will have the same thing next week or next month. These Costco play sets with swings and slides are maintenance free and would be a nice choice if you're in the market for a durablee outdoor set for your kids. So no matter what type of outdoor kids sets you're looking for, Costco would definitely be a store worth looking into, they have lots of cool stuff of good quality.


Rocky Mountain Deluxe Playset By Cedar Summit Premium Play Systems

"Every time your child plays on a Cedar Summit premium wooden play system the door to imagination and creativity is opened. At Cedar Summit we understand that children need a safe environment to play explore adventurous possibilities and enjoy endless hours of fun! Large 30 sq. ft. multi-level play deck includes crow’s nest with curved railing which adds a fun and safe launch pad for the Twist’ N’ Ride Tube Slide. Moveable Picnic Table. Two Tier, shiplap wood panel roof. 9’ extra-wide A-frame swing beam (easily adjustable for uneven yards). Flat step access ladder with metal safety rails"


Ultra Fortress Play System by Yardline Preserved Southern Yellow Pine Two 10' Wave Slides, Tire Swing, and Tower w/ Solid Roof

"The Ultra Fortress is a premium ready-to-assemble Play System loaded with fun play activities. Deluxe features include TWO 10’ wave slides, huge covered fort and a 3 foot bridge that leads to a 4’x4’ look-out tower….and much more!  Durable Southern Yellow Pine construction is twice as strong as Cedar and has over 50% greater fastener holding power. All wood has been preserved to safely resist insects and decay. The Ultra Fortress is the ultimate play system providing loads of fun, safety and durability at a great value!"

These buildings can be found at costco.com

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