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Button Tufted Martha & Liza Swivel Rocker Chair from JC Penney

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This button tufted Martha swivel rocker chair as well as this Liza swivel rocker chair from JC Penney would be the perfect choice if you're looking for a very comfortable and nice seating arrangement. These JC Penney swivel rocker chairs are super comfortable and feature padded rolled arms, reversible seat cushions as well as a velvety fabric.

You can find these button tufted swivel rocker chairs in a couple of nice colors, so no matter whether you're looking for something in blue, red, beige or brown, you're sure to find something which would fit your particular decor. You can either buy a three piece set which comes with two chairs and an ottoman if you're looking for a whole setup, otherwise you can purchase the chairs individually if that would suit your needs better. 

These chairs look quite dressed up and elegant, however underneath that surface you have pure comfort and coziness. Since these chairs rock and swivel, you can really get comfy and relaxed here, so the great looks is simply an added benefit.


Martha 3 Piece Set

"The Martha swivel rocker is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a busy day. super-comfy button-tufted back. padded rolled arms; reversible seat cushion. choice of colors to complement your décor. Sold individually, or enjoy extra savings with the purchase of a 3-piece set, which includes two swivel rockers and one ottoman."


Liza 3 Piece Set

"The Liza swivel rocker combines an elegant dressy look with the comfort of your favorite chair. button-tufted seat back for enhanced comfort and traditional appeal. rollover padded arms. velvety fabric with reversible seat cushion. swivels 360°"

These livingroom furniture are from jcpenney.com


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