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Allen Roth Traditional & Transitional Entertainment Electric Fireplace at Lowes


This great looking Allen Roth Traditional electric fireplace as well as this Allen Roth Transitional entertainment electric fireplace (both available to buy at Lowes) would add a great ambiance and charm to a space, without providing you with any hassle or annoying jobs to do. As opposed to old fashioned wood burning fireplaces, these types of electric fireplaces are so easy to operate; you simply turn them on or off, and they will provide heat as well as a display of flame, without any work whatsoever.

At Lowes you can find a couple of different Allen + Roth electric fireplaces, so no matter whether you would prefer a mantel in cherry or in dark black, you're sure to find something here which would work well with you. These electric fireplace units are actually quite reasonable in price, especially when you compare them to old fashioned wood stoves, or gas burning fireplaces (considering that you need to get a gas line hooked up in order for it to work). There are quite a few models to choose between, so if you're looking for ways to enhance comfort and style in your home, then investing in an electric fireplace seems like a wise choice.

It's amazing what a difference a new fireplace can make in terms of atmosphere. Of course nothing trumps the look and sound of a real, wood burning fireplace, however an electric fireplace can manage to come pretty close. And when it comes down to it; many people with wood burning fireplaces use them so rarely because there is so much hassle involved. Chances are, you'll use this electric fireplace so much more since it's so simple to use, therefore getting a lot more use out of it. Generally Allen + Roth makes really nice products and these fireplaces are no exception, so if you're looking to upgrade your home and make it nicer and more functional, then paying Lowes a visit could certainly be worthwhile.


allen + roth  23" Traditional Coventry Cherry Electric Fireplace

"Electric fireplace plugs into any standard electrical outlet. No venting required. Thermostatic control can provide heat for up to 400 square feet. Can be used with or without heat"


allen + roth  26" Transitional Entertainment Electric Fireplace

"Electric fireplace plugs into any standard elactric outlet. LED technology for efficient and long lasting use. Theromstatic heat control can proide heat for an area up to 400 square feet. Can be used with or without heat"

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