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AFCO Aluminum Round & Square Fluted Column from Lowes


If you're looking to purchase an AFCO aluminum column such as an AFCO round fluted column or an AFCO square fluted column, then you might want to check out Lowes. When it comes to buying home building supplies and accessories, you might want to check out Lowes since they carry a nice selection house improvement products in a wide array of materials. It can definitely make a big difference to put some new porch columns in; so it might be a good investment to make. Since the columns of a house really provides a frame for the whole structure, it will impact the look of your home. So if your old columns are starting to look a bit dingy, or are broken in some way, then it surely makes sense to get a new set. These AFCO porch columns can be found in various styles, so you do have quite a bit to choose between.

You might also want to check out Home Depot, Sears and Costco if you're looking for the perfect product for your needs. All of these home improvement stores carry a range of window, door and house improvement products among other options. You can for instance find AFCO round columns, AFCO metal columns as well as AFCO aluminum porch columns and more in other designs. So no matter what type of house products or equipment you're looking for, it might be a wise idea to check out Lowes since their selection is pretty wide and their prices are reasonable. These nice AFCO columns are available in a range of different colors and styles, and you can always paint these or stain them to fit your decorative preferences. Even though most houses with columns probably prefer to keep them white, in some structures it can look really nice with a pop of color, especially if you utilizethe same shade as some other piece of trim.


AFCO  Aluminum 8'H x 6"D Round White Fluted Column

"Aluminum 8'H x 6"D Round White Fluted Column. Economical. Easy to install. Maintenance free. Load bearing"


AFCO  Aluminum 96"H x 6"Dia. Square Fluted Column

"Economical. Easy to install. Maintenance free. Load bearing"

These products are available at lowes.com

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