Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:51 am
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Subject:  Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Price:  $35

Benefits:  Distance, high speed core, high ball speed

Considerations:  The Titleist Velocity golf ball claims good distance and I have seen this proven with using this ball. This is achieved through a high speed core and high initial ball speed.  Sometimes, my ball moved too far to the left or right. 

The experts suggest choosing a golf ball made out of two pieces.  The two pieces are a cover and a one-piece interior.  This should be done if you are looking for more distance and less movement on the ball. 

Good golf is an aggregate of the right accessories and products. I have been trying different brands and styles of golf balls with no measurable improvement in my distance. This ball has at least made my shots truer and has been consistently straight and closer to the fairway.

My Cousin was out with me for a quick nine holes and he was surprised at how straight I was hitting!

A relaxing and invigorating game of golf depends on the right motivation as well. And a new style of golf ball can help to add to that motivation. Playable feel in the short game is another hallmark of this ball. I can be less than 100 yards out and just make the green thanks to the consistency in part gained from the right golf ball.

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