Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball

Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:54 am
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Subject:  Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball

Price:  $42.00

Benefits:  Distance, consistency, good for the short game

Considerations:  The Titleist NXT Tour golf ball is great for that extra distance and consistency in my hitting.  It helps in my short game.  Also excellent durability.

Some experts suggest when it comes to the purchase of golf balls to reflect on the last few rounds you played and the types of problems you had with your game.  Sometimes, my ball appeared to die in mid flight.  Some of my shots have lacked distance or gone astray.

The experts suggest choosing a golf ball made out of two pieces.  The two pieces are a cover and a one-piece interior.  This should be done if you are looking for more distance and less movement on the ball. 

In my circumstance my ball now curves more and stops faster on the greens. This helped in my decision process to try these balls.  These high spin balls tend to fly higher in the air.  Some companies are making golf balls that react to how hard the ball is hit.  Some three and four-piece balls are designed for less spin when hit with a driver and can spin more when hit with higher lofted clubs near the green.

Consistency and distance make for a good round of golf.  It's not just myself that can benefit from improved gameplay, but those I play with as well.

Spending the day on the course is a luxury for me. Having the right ball makes my day a lot more enjoyable.  Hitting shot after shot with irons that reach the green is a rewarding experience.  I have enjoyed several rounds with these balls. I always come back to this Titleist.

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