SAMBA Golf Shoes by Adidas

Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:56 am
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Subject:  SAMBA Golf Shoes by Adidas

Price:  $100

Benefits:  Better performance, water resistant, synthetic leather, comfortable when walking the golf course.

The stylish six spike configuration caught my eye  immediately. These shoes may be the answer to your golf shoe woes, they certainly helped me. I have had problems with comfortable shoes over the decades. These shoes, at least to this point, have proven a big plus for me.

It is said that a comfortable pair of golf shoes can save you money and strokes.  Cleaning is fairly simple. Use a wet rag to wipe off excess dirt and grass. Doing this after every round of golf helps to prevent stains. Cleaning the creases in the uppers of the shoes is important. Wipe off the soles as well. Seems simple but I have witnessed many golfers not caring for their equipment.

You may also want to use shoe trees in your shoes.  I finally purchased a pair for myself. Shoe trees make a difference. Whether wooden or plastic shouldn't matter much, mine are wooden. These shoe trees help reduce creasing. They will also help the leather to maintain its shape.

The experts also recommend waxing or polishing your golf shoes. Wax and shoe polish can help moisten the leather and keep the shoes lasting longer. Do this once a month. Again, I found this to be a common sense approach to maintenance.

Switch between several different pairs of shoes, if possible. This helps your shoes to dry naturally after each waxing or cleaning. Rotating these shoes also helps them to keep their shape. I have three pairs of golf shoes, switching back and forth helps my feet.

For me, stepping into my swing with a comfortable pair of golf shoes seems to do the trick as far as putting me in the frame of mind to hit a golf ball. Walking nine holes is one of the rewards of golf. So to be in a better position to do so means wearing a pair of shoes that are designed to do the task. My friends even remarked on the choice of color.

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