Powerband Golf Shoes by Adidas

Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:45 pm
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Subject:  Powerband 4.0 Golf Shoes by Adidas

Price: Around $150

Benefits:  Performance, faster golf swing, leather upper

Stability is a hallmark of this golf shoe from Adidas. With improved lateral stability I have found I have a better chance at having a faster golf swing.

Traction and stability are essential if you intend on playing 9 or 18 holes. These shoes provide both for me. They enable me to dig into a shot without that front foot slipping. The 8 spike configuration is beneficial for good footing and it does make a difference!

Cleaning is important. Use a wet rag to wipe off excess dirt and grass, or use some compressed air usually found at any golf course. Doing this after every round of golf helps to prevent stains. Cleaning the creases in the uppers of the shoes is important. Wipe off the soles as well. Seems simple but I have witnessed many golfers not caring for their equipment.

You may also want to use shoe trees in your shoes. Shoe trees make a difference for me. Whether wooden or plastic shouldn't matter much, mine are wooden. These shoe trees help reduce creasing. They will also help the leather to maintain its shape.

The experts also recommend waxing or polishing your golf shoes. Wax and shoe polish can help moisten the leather and keep the shoes lasting longer. Do this once a month. Again, I found this to be a common sense approach to maintenance.

My feet have never been more comfortable in a pair of golf shoes. My back foot has so much traction that it really helps with my overall swing. Hitting your swing requires a firm grip—both for your hands and feet. Golf like any other sport rewards those who persevere and there are few rewards like that of walking 9 holes. Though a friend remarked on the price, comfort makes it worth the while.

Also, have more than one pair of shoes if at all possible. I have three pairs finally. Switching from one pair to another makes a big difference for me!

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