Bridgestone Tour Glove Mens

Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:48 am
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Subject:  Bridgestone Tour Glove-Men's

Price:  about $15

Benefits:  comfortable, solid grip, adjustable, works for Large hands

The right golf glove has always been a problem for me. With large hands I have never really found any golf glove that fits correctly, even in a so-called X-large. Comfortable feel and play is a must and the right golf glove is very necessary. I am not a great player and do not get out to play very often. However, I want to enjoy the times I do get out to the course.

Experts say that you should buy leather golf gloves, as leather conforms to the hand perfectly. It can also remain moisture-free even in tough conditions.  Let them air dry if they get wet.

So when I'm on the course the proper golf glove makes the day that much better. I can break one in in between holes as it conforms naturally to my hand. Swinging a club with the gloved hand firmly on the club makes for an easier and more pleasant round of golf. Not only did I get one of these gloves for myself, I also bought one for my brother-in-law.

I do like this glove, highly recommend it!

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