Japanese Style Gazebo

Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:15 am
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A Japanese style gazebo would be great for any outdoor event. There are many different types of outside gazebos such as Japanese style gazebos, Japanese bamboo gazebos as well as Japanese round gazebos in various sizes and styles. A gazebo would be a great addition to any garden since it provides shade as well as an addition outside room. No matter whether you're looking for hot tub gazebos, gazebo tents, cedar gazebos, or screen gazebos, you're sure to find something that will fit your garden or outdoor space perfectly.


Bamboo Asian Gazebo

"Add magic to your garden with this enchanting natural bamboo gazebo, skillfully hand crafted by old world artisans. Features include  a beautiful bamboo parquet ceiling, with a variety of enclosures and handrails for different styles and uses in your home garden. Add on optional bamboo shade for complete privacy to your side panels. Our Gazebos are engineered to be strong, yet easy to assemble. They come in two sizes that are  7 1/2' and 10' in diameter. This means that the legs fall on a circle of the specified diameter. The 7 1/2-foot gazebo and bamboo hut  has 4-foot wide sides and fits in a rectangle that measures 7 feet by 8 feet. It is 11 feet tall. The 10-foot gazebo and bamboo hut has 5-foot sides and fits in a rectangle that measures 9 feet by 10 feet. It is 12 feet tall. The square shape 7 1/2' bamboo tea house fits in a 6 1/2' square and the 10' tea house will fit a 9' square."

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Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:15 am
Name: Joyce | Comment: Hey may I know is it possible to mount this gazebo on the decking??
And may i know how much is this gazebos??

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