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Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:36 pm
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If your garage or workspace is looking the worse for wear and you can't find your favorite tool or can of paint, then perhaps it's time for a Husky garage cabinet. Lock away these potential hazards or everyday tools in a safe, dry place. The cabinet includes a shelf for storing away frequently used items. When your neighbors or kids come by, they will surely enter a safer atmosphere with potentially hazardous material safely locked away. You can find Husky resin garage cabinets, Husky wall garage cabinets, Husky metal garage cabinets as well as Husky garage storage cabinets in various sizes and styles. These styles and makes are designed to suit you and your space needs. Be organized and together with these Husky garage cabinets.

No matter whether you're looking for garage storage cabinets, garage wall cabinets, garage cabinet systems, or metal garage cabinets, you're sure to find something that fits your space and your budget. Your work area will thank you for the added space and freedom a Husky garage cabinet affords you. With tools safely stowed away, risk of accident is decreased. And with this risk reduced, you can have friends in the workshop with a little piece of mind. The trouble of having dangerous equipment lying around may be a thing of the past with a Husky garage cabinet. The construction is entirely steel and there are no nuts and bolts to screw together. The snap-together assembly process means that the Husky garage cabinet can be assembled in just a few minutes. So if your garage or utility room is the worse for use, and you've run out of space on your table, look into a Husky garage cabinet.


 Husky Metal Front Tall Cabinet (35WX18DX75H)

"Heavy duty resin cabinet with metal front doors that's ideal for the garage or workshop. It includes four adjustable shelves, pegboard doors, and four multi purpose storage bins. Two adjustable feet for leveling. The cabinet has a galvanized steel front. Rugged ventilated doors include metal handles and keyed lock."


Husky Wall Garage Cabinet

"All steel construction. No nuts or bolts are used for the assembly. This snap-together assembly process enables the cabinet to be assembled in just minutes. Secure, lockable storage. Doors are flush with the body of the cabinet. Mount directly to the wall or use the track mount system. Includes full-width shelf for storage or parts and supplies. Tough black carbide finish on cabinet hides dirt and grime."

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