Four Poster Bed

Pineapple Four Poster Bed

Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:08 am
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A pineapple four poster bed could certainly make an unusual statement in a bedroom. Pineapple four poster beds can be sleek and stylish. You can find pineapple wood four poster beds, antique pineapple four poster beds as well as pineapple carved four poster beds among other styles. A four poster bed would be perfect if you want a grand focal point in your bedroom, however thankfully there are many different designs to choose between.

Pineapple canopy beds have strong ties to the West Indies and would be particularly appropriate in a tropical climate. You can find a couple of different pineapple poster beds, however most of them will have rich carvings and find wood. Of course, these types of beds are not cheap, but can actually be rather expensive, however one would certainly provide a nice focus for a room and add a very special feel. So no matter what type of bedroom furniture you're thinking about purchasing, you're sure to find a style that fits well the decor and space of your bedroom.


American Empire style mahogany 4 post single size Bed Frame

"American Empire style mahogany 4 post single size bed with pineapple finials to the acanthus carved uprights & paw footed footboard (headbd., footbd., rails) (Prob. 19th Cent)"

These beds can be found at

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