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Womens Earth Sandals - Leather, Tuscany, Pozzallo, Ophelia & Salsa

Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:03 am
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Stylish, comfortable, ergonomic and fashionable. Those are words that are fit to describe these womens Earth sandals. Earth Shoes feature a nice selection of leather sandals such as Tuscany sandals, Pozzallo sandals, Ophelia sandals and Salsa sandals. Each of these models feature a different style, however all of these shoes are made with comfort and style in mind, and come with a shaped, cushioned foot bed. So if you're looking for those perfect sandals to wear casually as well as formally, then Earth footwear is certainly worth checking out.

Earth Women's - Tuscany Sandals

"With six fabulous color options, it’s easy to find a shade that complements your style. Soft straps with laser-cut detailing and intricate metallic piping. Cork footbed conforms to your foot over time."

Earth Women's - Pozzallo Sandals

"Dress them up and they’re perfect for dinner. Slip on some shorts, and they’re all about casual comfort. Elegantly criss-crossed leather straps add a little finesse to your step. Cork footbed."

Earth Women's - Ophelia Sandals

"For summer days around town and evenings at seaside bistros, you’ll love the Ophelia. Two adjustable buckles and hidden elastic stretch material let you find your true fit. The cushioned heel pad absorbs shock."

Earth Women's - Salsa Sandals

"The go anywhere, do anything, perfect thong for summer. Super soft woven leather detailing features elegantly scalloped edges. Leather-lined straps feel great all day. Suede and leather footbed cradles your foot in comfort."

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