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Short Skirts by Forever 21

Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:48 am
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Short skirts seem to be more fashionable than ever - so many stores are carrying them including Forever 21. Forever 21 designs so many really cute short skirts in various cuts and styles. Are you looking for a floral short skirt, or one of solid color? How about the cut - do you want a puffy satin mesh skirt or a chiffon skirt? No matter what, you're sure to find something interesting at Forever 21 where short skirts range from very short to just short. Another great aspect of Forever 21 is the price range - they are very affordable and these skirts are quite cheap.

short mesh skirts
Satin Mesh Skirt

"Full short length satin circle skirt with an extra layer of mesh lining to create a puffed look. Side zipper closure."

mini skirt
Stella Cotton Mini

"Striped cotton mini skirt with pleats and pockets. Side zipper closure"

 short skirt
Satin Chiffon Skirt

"Short ruffled chiffon skirt with a wide soft satin waistband and a side zipper closure."

 forever 21 pleated skirt
Pleated Mini Skirt

"Short length pleated mini with lace trimmed lining. Side zipper closure"

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