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Popular Robot Toy: Pleo Dinosaur A Ugobe Life Form

Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:19 am
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Who would have thought that the next popular thing in toys and robots would be a green dinosaurpleo dinosaur robot that is capable of expressing fear, joy, aggression and more depending on what happens around him (or it). Responding to touch and the outside environment, "Pleo" is making especially adult males go gaga over this new form of technology from the toy creator Caleb Chung, from the company Ugobe. states some technical stats about Pleo the Dinosaur:

  • Sophisticated sensory system with nearly 40 devices enable sight, touch, and autonomous movement
  • Robotic wonder explores and reacts to environment, interacts with you, and expresses emotion

and PcAdvisor further explains:

"Forget about the technical specs - the real joy in Pleo is the emotional bond it creates with the user. When we showed our Pleo to staff members, it was amazing to see the different reactions that the dinosaur would elicit.

For the most part, female staff members wanted to touch, embrace and generally nurture the little dinosaur. (...) For most of the men, interest in Pleo was about the technical side of things - how many sensors, motors, battery life, and applications - "What tricks can it do?" and so forth."

The emotional connection this little robot makes with people seems to be the real key to its success. It will be interesting to see what Ugobe will come up with next.

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