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Cute Short Skirts from Topshop - Will the Mini Skirt Be a Trend This Summer?

Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:26 pm
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Are you slender with long legs and with a liking for mini skirts? Then you're probably looking for pretty, sexy short skirts to wear during the summer months to show off a pair of tan legs. However, recently it has also become popular to wear miniskirts with stockings or leggings all year round. No matter how you like to wear them, there are many short skirts available in different stores and the spring season is sure to bring forth more fashionable styles and fabrics. Topshop carries a lot of cute miniskirts - here are a couple from their collection.

Denim Ra Ra Skirt

Puffball Mini Skirt

Linen Mini Skirt

Ticking Stripe Cut Off Skirt

Lattice Panel Wrap Skirt

Ceramic Print Puffball Skirt

These skirts and more styles can be found at

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