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Vera Bradley Travel Bags

Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:38 am
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If you love Vera Bradley's intricate fabrics - then why not complete your collection by adding luggage and travel bags as well. Vera Bradley designs such stylish, fashionable bags in unique designs and different models, many of them luggage and travel bags - and most models are created in each color pattern of the season. So no matter whether you need a duffel bag, satchel, rolling bag or garment bag, you're sure to find some beautiful styles at Vera Bradley.

Most of these bags are available in the following spring/summer colors and patterns: rasberry fizz, yellow bird, riviera blue, daisy daisy, pinwheel pink, mod floral pink, mod floral blue, kensington, cambridge, java blue, botanica, peacock, mesa red, capri blue and pink elephants. However, some can also be found in the following retiring colors and patterns: windsor navy, capri melon, medallion, classic black and petal pink.

duffel bag
Daisy Daisy Small Duffel

"Versatility personified. Try it as an everyday gym bag or a small overnighter. One outside end pocket and nice long straps."

travel bags
Java Blue Satchel

"Stylish traveling made easy. Top zipper, roomy interior with five pockets and a removable base. Decorative trim on each end, rolled handles, an adjustable, removable web shoulder strap and a handy slip-in pocket with trim."

rolling bag
Java 26" Rolling Duffel

* telescoping handle collapses into hidden zippered pouch
* large capacity main packing compartment opens wide for easy access
* spacious interior features three quilted sleeve pockets and a hanging zipper pocket for smaller items
* two exterior gusseted pockets are perfect for separating delicate items

rolling bag

Mesa Red 17" Rolling Travel Tote

* telescoping handle collapses into hidden zippered pouch
* large, quilt-lined front compartment zips open on three sides, with quilted pockets for pen, cell phone and calculator, plus two zippered mesh organizers
* one zippered side pocket
* piggyback strap for convenient multi-bag toting
* single snap PVC carry handles
* interiors are lined in authentic Vera Bradley quilted cotton patterns to complement each piece

vera bradley
Yellow Bird Garment Bag

"Great for separates and dresses. Large interior pocket with mesh lining. Two gusseted exterior pockets hold shoes. Just fold in half and go!"

rolling luggage
Black 48" Rolling Wardrobe Carrier

* full zip-around closure secures both contents and carrier
* convenient, detachable, metal hanging hook
* four generous interior zippered pockets for extra packing flexibility
* 14" dress extender for longer garments also doubles as an additional mesh pocket

These travel bags can be found at

GAP Corduroy Pants - Low Rise, Straight, Flare

Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:36 pm
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A Pair of GAP corduroy pants such as low rise corduroy pants, straight corduroy pants or flare corduroy pants would be a great addition to any fall wardrobe. GAP is one store that carries a nice selection of different corduroy pants in various colors that are very stylish and that would be great for the fall. These fall clothes from GAP are warm, stylish and elegant while being functional as well. GAP overall carries a wide selection of good looking, sleek and comfortable clothes that are reasonable priced. You can find fall clothing for men, women and children at GAP, so no matter what type of fashion you're looking for, GAP is great to check out.

The low rise bell cords

"Introducing the standout style of the season. It's our most flared-leg yet, now in always cool corduroy. Sexy, flattering, and fashion-forward."

Straight corduroy pants

"A classic fit and cool corduroy plus great pockets that are sure to flatter, make one pair that's sure to look stylish day or night."

Corduroy low rise flare pants

"A flattering staple, perfect for everyday. Add a feminine woven shirt with a structured blazer for a casual-cool work day look or a soft T and cozy cardigan for easy weekend wear."


These pants can be found at

Mens Hoodies from Old Navy - Surf, Beach, Fleece, Terry, Zip

Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:07 pm
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Old Navy carries a nice selection of affordable mens hoodies in various styles such as surf hoodies, beach hoodies, fleece hoodies, terry hoodies and zip hoodies. These Old Navy hoodies can be found in many colors and design such as vintage, retro, solid, stripes, logo and color block. So no matter what type of hoodie you're looking for, Old Navy is worth checking out as their designs are nice and their prices are low and cheap.

Men's Surf Zip Hoodies

"Remember that old beach hoodie you had when you were a kid? Yep, probably long gone, but here's the next best thing: fuzzy-soft fleece decked out with faded sun-drenched colors and distressed surf graphics. It's likely to bring on a wave of nostalgia."

Men's Pigment-Dyed Beach Hoodies

"Head back to the beach in a classic hoodie, featuring iconic surf graphics and the vintage appeal of pigment-dyed French terry."

Men's Color-Blocked Raglan Hoodies

"You'll reach for it again and again -- a baseball-inspired hoodie to layer over a tank or tee. Lightweight cotton makes it perfect for warmer weather."

Men's Printed Zip Hoodies

"Edgy urban prints bring plenty of street cred to your favorite fleece hoodie."

These hoodies can be found at

Cool, Hip Designer Ray Ban Sunglasses

Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:54 am
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Ray Ban sunglasses have been popular for some time, and it doesn't seem like they will fade away anytime soon. Ray Ban sunglasses are made with a very distinctive design, often with thicker frames, and they come in a variety of models. Apart from traditional sunglasses, Ray Ban also makes glasses with polarized lenses and with G15 XLT lenses and with B15 XLT lenses. Frames are made either with metal or plastic. Ray Ban also makes optical glasses and there is also a junior collection.

Here are a couple of cool Ray Ban shades:

ray ban sunglasses

ray ban glasses
ray ban glasses ray ban sunglasses

These models and more can be found at

Popular Robot Toy: Pleo Dinosaur A Ugobe Life Form

Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:19 am
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Who would have thought that the next popular thing in toys and robots would be a green dinosaurpleo dinosaur robot that is capable of expressing fear, joy, aggression and more depending on what happens around him (or it). Responding to touch and the outside environment, "Pleo" is making especially adult males go gaga over this new form of technology from the toy creator Caleb Chung, from the company Ugobe. states some technical stats about Pleo the Dinosaur:

  • Sophisticated sensory system with nearly 40 devices enable sight, touch, and autonomous movement
  • Robotic wonder explores and reacts to environment, interacts with you, and expresses emotion

and PcAdvisor further explains:

"Forget about the technical specs - the real joy in Pleo is the emotional bond it creates with the user. When we showed our Pleo to staff members, it was amazing to see the different reactions that the dinosaur would elicit.

For the most part, female staff members wanted to touch, embrace and generally nurture the little dinosaur. (...) For most of the men, interest in Pleo was about the technical side of things - how many sensors, motors, battery life, and applications - "What tricks can it do?" and so forth."

The emotional connection this little robot makes with people seems to be the real key to its success. It will be interesting to see what Ugobe will come up with next.

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