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Ethan Allen Sofa Bed

Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:56 pm
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An Ethan Allen sofa bed would be perfect if you need an additional guest bed as well as sofa. If you have been thinking about getting some new furniture for your home, then this store would definitely be worth a look because they have so many great looking pieces and high quality to go along with that selection. Picking a sofa bed over a regular sofa makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to be able to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for visiting guests and family, however you don't want to take up space with extra beds which nobody uses regularly. With a sofa bed you're always ready for visitors, but when you don't have overnight guests you have a comfortable sofa to use. This would be perfect to place in the living room (sometimes the only option if you don't have too much space), in the den or in the guest room.

You can find a range of Ethan Allen sofa beds in various sizes and styles. You can find Ethan Allen leather sofa beds, Ethan Allen fabric sofa beds as well as Ethan Allen loveseat beds. A leather sleeper sofa could be a good idea if you want something really versatile, however some people prefer a fabric sleeper sofa because they can feel softer at times, however they are not as easy to clean. Ethan Allen furniture is overall well made and feature exceptional quality, so even though you do have to spend a little more on their pieces generally it's certainly worth it in the end.


Ethan Allen triad queen sleeper sofa

"The Triad sleeper is convenience plus style. It has trim arms and a knife-edged, loose-pillow back, and ends in tapered and well-proportioned exposed legs. A versatile frame you can dress up or down and make modern or classic, depending how you upholster it.

Ethan Allen conor queen sleeper sofa

"Classic, inviting, and versatile with the chameleonlike ability to fit in just about anywhere — that’s Conor. The convenient sleeper’s rolled panel arms lend a traditional air. Dress your sleeper up from our impressive array of fabrics and leathers and make it country chic or simply grand. Delightfully comfortable in any case."

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Ethan Allen Platform Bed

Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:37 pm
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An Ethan Allen platform bed could be an excellent choice if you're thinking about upgrading your old bedroom furniture and getting a new and practical bed. When you buy a platform bed you don't have to buy a bedframe: all you need is a fitting mattress. Ethan Allen platform beds are well made, sturdy and sophisticated. No matter whether you prefer a very clean and modern look or something a bit more decorated, you should be able to find something within their collection which works with your sense of style.

Since the bed takes up so much space in the bedroom it really becomes the focal point. Therefore you should carefully consider what type of style would be best suited to your space. You can find a range of Ethan Allen queen platform beds, Ethan Allen king platform beds as well as Ethan Allen twin platform beds by British Classics as well as other styles. These various options provide very different styles. The American Artisan keeler bed for instance is definitely a bit more simple with a mission inspired sleigh look which looks light and modern, yet natural at the same time. Further below you can see the Horizons Studio Morgan bed which shows off a much more contemporary style. This one features a modular build with veneer headboard and footboard. Over at Ethan Allen you can find so many nice looking furniture, so if you're also looking for matching nightstand, dresser, armoire etc... then that's available within their selection as well.


ethan allen american artisan keeler bed

"Rustic style that is anything but sleepy. Keeler’s Mission-inspired sleigh bed roots are given an eco-friendly update from the bottom up, thanks to water-based finishes on sustainable, Appalachian maple"


ethan allen horizons studio morgan bed

"A calming place to rest and rejuvenate. This modular, low-profile unit has bold horizontal lines, offering a modern anchor for today’s bedroom. Its simplicity is accentuated by vertically grained quartered ash veneer head and foot panels."

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Ethan Allen Wine Cabinet

Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:37 pm
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If you're looking for an Ethan Allen wine cabinet for your dining room, living room or kitchen, then you have several options to choose between. You can find a range of Ethan Allen wine cabinets such as Ethan Allen British Classics wine cabinets, Ethan Allen American Classics wine cabinets as well as Ethan Allen New Country wine cabinets. Ethan Allen furniture is overall well made and feature exceptional quality. No matter whether you're looking for Ethan Allen bedroom furniture, Ethan Allen dining room furniture, or Ethan Allen living room furniture, you're sure to find something that fits in with you decor and your style.


collector's classics wine cabinet

"This compact cabinet is the perfect living or dining room addition for the wine connoisseur, or one who aspires to be. A space below houses fifteen bottles and a drawer above houses necessary wine accoutrements, keeping everything organized in one classic spot. Cast brass drawer pull"

tuscany wine cabinet

"Our well-crafted wine cabinet is made of gemelina wood solids with a hand-forged iron grill door and a walnut veneer faced lower drawer front. Handsome and thoroughly practical, it’s ideal for storing your 25 favorite bottles, with room in the top section for hanging glasses."

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Ethan Allen Preston Sofa

Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:55 pm
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In order to decorate a living room tastefully, you really couldn't go wrong with the addition of the Ethan Allen Preston sofa. This piece is so elegant with set back arms, a pleated skirt. The living room, or TV room would be an excellent place for Ethan Allen  as well as a tight back. Preston sofas. An Ethan Allen Preston fabric sofa or an Ethan Allen Preston leather sofa or loveseat would add style and sophistication to any home, so if you have been trying to find something that would add a nice touch to your home, and that is also comfortable and practical, then this could very well be the way to go.

Finding the right sofa for your living space can be quite a challenge. After all, it does get used all the time and is quite the focal point of a room. You could almost say that you furnish a space around the sofa and choose what theme to go for and what colors to decorate the space with. If you pick a gorgeous sofa to start with then the whole space will come together so much easier. Over at Ethan Allen you have quite a few nice looking pieces to choose between and their quality seems to be pretty high as well, so that store would be a good one to check out first.


Ethan Allen preston sofa 84"

"Modern hospitality. The Preston is a tight-backed, smartly tailored collection with the advantage of plush seating. The set-back arm is detailed with soft pleating and buttons, and the pleated features on the sofa back allows for floating away from the wall in style. A dressmaker skirt and a generous step complete the Preston picture."

avanti left arm facing (two cushion)

"The Avanti collection is glamorous, tailored, and modern – and our new Avanti sectional fits that description to a tee. Like a European sports car, it has strategically placed curves and is very, very hot. Sometimes more is more, so we scaled it generously. For angular definition, the seats all have t-cushions, and all the items have clean-lined feet and rails. Each frame comes standard with our new alligator connectors, allowing the sectional components to be connected – or – floated in a room.

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Ethan Allen Quincy Bed

Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:44 pm
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This fine Ethan Allen Quincy bed would be just the perfect choice if you want something a bit different that is stately, elegant and a little extravagant. If you can't go all the way in the bedroom, then where can you? This bed feels a touch gothic, but aso fun and playful. Imagine you could either play it down with crisp white sheets, perhaps with a lace border, or you could go more of the modern route with contemporary bedding with bold patterns and stark colors.

With crisp white sheets the black color of this bed would be accentuated and the posters on the side would appear even bolder. On the other hand, with modern bedding it would perhaps remove a bit of the strong definitions of this bed. Over at Ethan Allen furniture you do in fact have quite a few different designs to choose between: below you can also for instance see a different type of bed; a gorgeous metal bed full of decorative scrolls which would add such charm and character to as space. There are also various wooden beds within their collection, so no matter what type of bed you would prefer, you should be able to find something within their selection that suits your space, your sense of style as well as your wallet.


american classics by ethan allen quincy bed

"We made this bed with dramatic style and proportions, boldly turned posts and a graphic Chippendale-style headboard. Exclusively Ethan Allen, here’s a modern bedtime story that evokes mid-nineteenth century intrigue. available in queen, king, and California king sizes"

maison by ethan allen iron scroll bed

"Dream in French. Our intricately designed and finely crafted iron scroll bed makes a dramatic centerpiece. Recalling metalwork found on the window grilles of Paris, each graceful swirl is tapered at the end and finished in a decorative pewter"

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