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Rival Removable Pan Electric Skillet

Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:17 am
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A Rival removable pan electric skillet would certainly be a good choice if you're in the market for a quality skillet. Rival removable pan electric skillets are durable, well made and easy to use. You can find Rival oblong removable pan electric skillets, Rival stainless steel electric skillets as well as Rival glass lid electric skillets among other products. An electric skillet can really be a practical addition to any kitchen. There are many different types of electric skillets, so no matter whether you're looking for electric skillet replacement parts, a deep electric skillet or an electric skillet lid, you're sure to find a model that suits your needs just great.


Rival S16RB 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan

"When a stove top skillet is just not large enough for your entire family, this Rival Electric Skillet can help. Cook breakfast, lunch or dinner in this versatile appliance. Variable temperature controls let you fry, saute, bake and roast. The warm setting keeps food at serving temperature for late comers to the table or for buffet style entertaining. This product features a dishwasher safe, removable Cook 'n Serve skillet pan that allows you to cook, serve and clean up all with the same skillet."


 Rival S12P 12-Inch Electric Skillet

"Rival skillets offer value-added features to provide families extra convenience for quick, easy, and delicious meals. All Rival skillets are fully immersible for easy cleaning. Special skillet features include lid rests, view windows, and non-stick coatings. Rival also offers 12" and 16" skillets with various types of lids; tempered glass, heat-resistant plastic, and even a glass lid that can be used as serving dish!"

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