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8 inch Electric Skillet

Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:28 am
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An 8 inch electric skillet would be worth checking out if you're looking for cooking equipment. 8 inch electric skillets are perfect if you only cook for one or two. You can find 8 inch nonstick electric skillets, 8 inch stainless steel electric skillets as well as 8 inch frying electric skillets among other products. An electric skillet can really be a practical addition to any kitchen. There are many different types of electric skillets, so no matter whether you're looking for electric skillet replacement parts, a deep electric skillet or an electric skillet lid, you're sure to find a model that suits your needs just great.


Precise Heat 8-Inch Element Omelet Pan

"9 element, surigcal stainless steel skillet with heavy-duty, phenolic handle"


Elite Cuisine 6 x 6" Personal Mini Electric Frying Skillet

"Elite Cuisine 6 x 6" Personal Mini Electric Frying Skillet. Small compact size perfect for single families or camping trips. Removable handle for easy cleaning. Rotary adjustable heat control. 32 ounce capacity with tempered glass lid and non stick cooking."

These skillets can be found at amazon.com

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