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Winter Cross Stitch 3 in 1 Placemats


Winter Cross Stitch - 3 in 1 Placemat / Napkin / Towel

Inspired by traditional Scandinavian cross stitch embroidery, our winter cross stitch linens are bold, charming and available for personalization. Perfect for the holiday and winter season in other words.

Number of Placemats

Available in white linen with our unique print in red or gray, the Winter Cross Stitch 3 in 1 has been made with versatility in mind. Each piece has an attached corner loop, so you can easily hang them up in the kitchen when not using them as placemats or napkins.

To make these linens even more personal and special, we offer optional monogramming, ideal for initials (such as A & B, AB or ABC).

Shipping Costs: Domestic shipping costs are added at check-out. For international orders, please Contact Us for a shipping quote.

About 3 in 1 Linens

Our 3 in 1 linens are great because they fill several functions. Designed to be used as 1) placemats during intimate (and casual) dinners, 2) napkins for formal occasions, and finally 3) petite towels during all other times. This means you'll get a lot more use out of these than you would just a set of regular placemats or napkins. And that's what it's all about - actually using your linens and enjoying them.

A tip? Use one piece to line the bread basket, another folded when carrying hot pans and one real close at hand when cooking in the kitchen - that is when you're not using them to create the most gorgeous table setting. 

May we suggest using these to start traditions of your own, or give away as thoughtful gifts?

Every placemat is printed by hand with the utmost care, so each piece is unique. Also, the pattern order differs slightly from piece to piece to highlight the custom nature of these linens. Please allow up to 2 weeks for production. Slight variations might occur in the design because of this authentic, hands-on approach.


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