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Timestamp 100% Linen Standard Bed Pillowcases

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Introducing the Timestamp* Pillowcase.

The timestamp pillow is a unique, personalized pillow that features your “moment in time”. Each pillowcase will have a personal number of when your pillowcase was printed.

No two moments are the same, and your number will be determined by when your pillow gets printed. This is a very unique product, and no two are the same. It's made for you, with a unique number based on each print.

We offer our timestamp bed pillow in fine and heavy-weight linen. Our line of throw pillows are made in heavy-weight linen, or you can choose the delicacy of fine linen. Both textures are available in white and natural colors.


*A timestamp is called UNIX TIME, it is essentially the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 and represents a type of computer code.

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