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Hand Printed Custom Sized Tablecloths

A new tablecloth can instantly create a new look and change the feel of your entire dining area. Whether you're looking for something festive or something to use on an everyday basis, our custom printed linen tablecloths can help you create a beautiful setting.

Elegant and festive enough to use for formal occasions, yet not so delicate and fine that you never actually dare using it for every day life, this tablecloth is meant to be enjoyed, and used over and over. The solid linen we use for this tablecloth features a rumpled and substantial look and feel which we absolutely love. The heavy weight feel of this fabric lends a rustic country, yet elegant air to any dining setting, and within the selection of available prints, you're sure to find something that will beautifully compliment your decor.

Autumn Leaves Linen Tablecloth

polka dot

Polka Dot Linen Tablecloth

Blue Flower Linen Tablecloth

Table Length in Feet
Our tablecloths are available in either white or beige 100% linen.

We offer a range of different sizes, however the pricing for all of the tablecloths above are for standard tables measuring 36 inches in width, which produces an 8 inch overhang. For tables wider than 36 inches, or if you prefer a longer overhang, we have an extra wide option, which costs an additional $40. If you are interested in this option, we suggest youContact Usbefore making a purchase, so we can accommodate your size properly.

Shipping Costs: Domestic shipping costs are added at check-out. For international orders, pleaseContact usfor a shipping quote.

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